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Apartamento Magazine, SP; Internazionale, IT; Eyeshot Magazine, IT; EineWelt, BRD; GEO, BRD; Welt am Sonntag, BRD; Science & Vie, FR; Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, BRD; ARTMAPP, BRD; Drunter & Drüber, BRD; Selvedge Magazine, GB; Art Africa, SA; African Arts, USA; Art Forum, USA; Courrier Japon, J; Panorama, IT; Das Magazin, CH; Africa e Mediterraneo, IT; L’Illustré, CH; Zeitpunkt, CH;

Women Street Photographers

Published at Prestel 2021

With a rising number of women througout the world picking up their cameras and capturing their surroundings, this book explores the work of 100 women and the experiences behind their greatest images. The volume is curated by Gulnara Samoilova, founder of the women street photographers project: a website, a social media platform and yearly exhibitions.

Regula Tschumi is part of this book project and her photograph is also on the back cover.

Bunte Trauer (Colorful grief)

EineWelt Magazin aus Mission und Ökumene
Heft 1, März - Mai 2021 (the magazine EineWelt is printed and online)

Stefan Rambow interviews R. Tschumi about the colorful mourning rituals in Ghana and the use of the figurative coffins (German).
The article contains photographs by R. Tschumi. 


Petra Schellen interviews R. Tschumi for the Newspaper Taz 21.3.20 (German):

"People celebrate colorful life at the funeral"
Lions, tigers, high-heeled shoes, sometimes a pepper: The current moving exhibition “Mourning. From loss and change” in the Kunsthalle Hamburg presents, among other things, figurative coffins used mainly by people belonging to an old religion in southern Ghana, which continues to exist alongside Christianity.

The buried treasures of the Ga. Coffin art in Ghana

Text & photographs R. Tschumi
Edition Till Schaap, Berne 2014 (2008)

For some fifty years, the Ga of Greater Accra in southern Ghana have produced coffins in the shape of animals, fruits and status symbols. This unique practice is explored in depth here for the first time in a publication featuring a scholarly text and informative illustrations.

Heute Journal ZDF

German ZDF News channel interviews Ulrike Neurath, Regula Tschumi & Martin Wenzel in the Museum für Sepulkralkultur in Kassel (German) 12.8.2019:

"Swiss photographer Regula Tschumi is fascinated by the funeral rituals of the Ga people in Ghana, she is especially interested in their creative coffins. For the Ga, death is a transition and no the end, the bereaved show more joy than tears", ZDF.

Concealed Art. The figurative palanquins and coffins of Ghana


Text & photographs R. Tschumi, Edition Till Schaap, Berne 2014

In this book, Regula Tschumi questions the art world’s established interpretation of the figurative coffins. She also examines for the first time those figurative palanquins, little-known in western art, and shows that they were the forerunners of the figurative coffins.

Ataa Oko et les Esprits / Ataa Oko and the Spirits

artbrut movies/ataa-oko

A Film by Philippe Lespinasse, Regula Tschumi & Andress Alvarez: Lausanne/Le Tourne, 2009.

Ataa Oko (1919) of Ghana suddenly took up drawing at the age of eighty-three. At first, it was from memory that he drew the personalized figurative coffins that he had once built as a carpenter craftsman, CAB.


Website contributions

Ghanaian Coffins, Centre Pompidou, and Coca-Cola

How a local ritual craft turned into an export commodity.

An article about the story told by Kane Kwei (1928-1992) and his family and retold by many Western authors about the origin of the Ghanaian fancy coffins, and how Regula Tschumi’s PhD research disproved this popular version.

UPphotographrs 2020

UpPhotographers Interviews Regula Tschumi about:
Who - What - Where - When - Why

Swiss photographer Regula Tschumi's tryst with fantasy coffins where Art meets Death

We The World Magazine
By Debrani Das 19.8.2020

There is something unusual about coffins that look far too livelier than the very purpose it is made for.

World Photographic Forum
Special Feature: Regula Tschumi 16.7.2020

Regula developed her passion for photography during her research in Ghana where she used to document her field work..

Im Huhn begraben / Buried in a Chicken

A video of Fabian Biasio in collaboration with Regula Tschumi, 2018.

In Ghana, the shape of coffins make people: With their fantastic shapes, they are a final greeting from the grave. A car for the chauffeur, a cow for the farmer or a camera for the photographer pay tribute to the deceased. Europeans know the coffin art from Ghana as a bizarre burial culture with a penchant for extravagance. But the coffins hold a secret.

Día de Muertos in Mexico – Einladung an die Toten in Mexiko / Invitation to the Dead

Photos from Mexico by Regula Tschumi, Video by Fabian Biasio (German) 2016

Construis-moi un cercueil (Create me a Coffin)

French, Nov. 2018

Marie Destraz (Protestinfo) in conversation with R. Tschumi:

The Ga, an ethnic group from southern Ghana, bury their dead in coffins shaped like hens or trucks. Regula Tschumi, ethnologist, art historian and photographer gave a lecture on figurative art that has become a tradition among Christians too, at Cité Seniors in Geneva, on the Day of the Dead.

A Coffin in the Shape of a Hummer Car

Video by I. Bozsa in collaboration with Regula Tschumi for the Museum der Kulturen Basle, 2016.

As reaction to the impact of missionaries and colonial administrations on the local funeral practices, the Ga of Southern Ghana developed a new coffin culture. Coffins are crafted in a wide range of different forms: Popular figures are related to the job of the deceased or their desires during lifetime, MKB.

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My Personal Best: Swiss Photographer Regula Tschumi, 2020

Photographic Mercadillo


A selection of photographs from Regula Tschumi's journeys to Ghana, Naples, Sicily and Nepal, 2020


The Print Swap Competition 2021

The Dance of Joy was selected as one of the 30 winners of the international Print Swap competition 2021.

Patti Fogarty award 2021
First prize

Women Street Photographers

Italian Street Photo Festival ISPF 2020
First prize


Miami Street Photography Festival MSPF 2019
Third prize




Italian Street Photo Festival ISPF

World Water Day Contest, Italy


Women Street Photographers New York

Women Street Photographers Trieste Photo Days

Siena International Photo Awards SIPA

London Street Photography Festival LSPF

Fuji Film Moment Street Photo Awards, Poland

Women Street Photographers Kuala Lumpur

Italian Street Photo Festival ISPF Rome


Women Street Photographers New York

Miami Street Photography Festival MSPF

Women Street Photographers Brussels

Group Exhibitions


6th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography
Fotonostrum Gallery Barcelona
9.12. - 8.1.2022

Print Swap exhibition in Brooklyn, NY
The works of 30 international photographers from the Print Swap project in the street of Brooklyn, NY.
29.11. - 6.12.2021

National Museum of Anthropology Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
An international photo exhibition with works of 60 women street photographers, curated by Gulnara Samoilova and Polly Irunga.
4.11.- 4.12.2021

Venice Photo Lab
An international photo exhibition in Venice
8 - 17.10.2021

Treviso Photographic Festival
An international photo exhibition in Treviso
7 - 23.9.2021

50 Women Street Photographers
2nd virtual WSP exhibition curated by Gulnara Samoilova and Ximena Echague, starting online from 29.8. until 31.10.2021.

A group exhibition in the casita gallery Berne, 20.8. - 26.8.2021

50 Women Street Photographers
A inaugural virtual WSP exhibition curated by Gulnara Samoilova and Ximena Echague.
Online from 2.5. - 1.7.2021

Double Trouble (part of the Head On Photo Festival 2020 in Sidney)
Brisbane, Australia 9.3. - 28.3.2021
Fujifilm Moment Street Photo Awards Poland
Winners and finalists 2020 in the Cultural Center Gaudemater
Czestochowa, Poland, 1.2. - 26.2.2021


85 Women Street Photographers; Art Space PS109 New York City
10.12.2020 - 2.1.2021

Women Street Photographers at the Indian Photo Festival in Hyderabad, India. An online exhibition 12.11. - 13.12.2020

Double Trouble at the Head On Photo Festival. Printed exhibition, Bondi Beach, Sidney
9.11. - 30.11.2020

Siena International Photo Awards
24.10. - 29.11.2020

56 Women Street Photographers at the Accademia Scaglia during the Trieste Photo Days in Italy.
17.10. - 8.11.2020

46 Women Street Photographers 
An online exhibition curated by Gulnara Samoilova and Women Street Photographers shown during the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival in Malaysia
19.8. - 19.9.2020

Double Trouble (part of the Head On Photo Festival), an online exhibition, Sydney
1.5. - 17.5.2020


Women Street Photographers: Art Space PS109 New York City, 12.12. - 2.1.2020

Miami Street Photography Festival: History Miami Museum, Miami 5.- 8.12.2019

Women Street Photographers, Muntpunt, Brussels, 4.10. - 12.10.2019

With the line bus to the other side. Fantastic coffins from Ghana – Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel

ImageNation Arles, Gallery des Arènes Arles, 15 .- 20.7.19

Street sans Frontières, an international photo exhibition in Paris, May 2019


Shapes of the Ancestors: Bodies, Animals, Art, and Ghanaian Fantasy Coffins – Mathers Museum of World Cultures, Bloomington USA.

Celebration! – Permanent exhibition of the MAS, Museum Aan de Stroom, Antwerpen 

Street sans Frontières
An international photo exhibition in Paris, May 2018

Unvergessen machen (make unforgotten)
Museum of the Peoples, Schwaz in Austria – mdv


Until 2021 L’impermanence des choses – Permanent exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum Neuchâtel – MEN

Accra– Portraits of a City – ANO Gallery of Nana Oforiatta Ayim in Accra, Ghana

Until 2018 Jambo Africa – Tropical House, Wolhusen, Switzerland


Until 2018 C’est la vie — Museum of Natural History, Berne


Diesseits – Jenseits – Abseits. Funeral traditions worldwide — Museum of the University, Tübingen MUT


Les Hors-Champs de L‘Affiche — Ethnographic Museum Neuchâtel — MEN exhibition archives

2012 / 2013

Hors-Champs — Ethnographic Museum Neuchâtel — MEN exhibition archives


Griff Rhys Jones’ Ghanaian fantasy coffin — Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich

People and Possession Gallery — National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh

Until 2015: Living and Dying Gallery — British Museum, London


Der letzte Schnaufer — Luftmuseum Amberg, Amberg


Six Feet Under — Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

Six pieds sous terre — Photoforum Meyrin, Geneva 


Six Feet Under — Art Museum, Berne